Spontaneous city in the Tree of Heaven

The Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven is a sculptural installation drawing on the ecology and biodiversity of two sites on opposite sides of London; Duncan Terrace in the East and Cremorne Gardens in the West.

London Fieldworks have developed a sculptural ‘habitat’ that will contribute to the lifecycle of birds, providing spaces for shelter, nesting or feeding. It also offers habitats for bug life. The sculptures reflect the forms of the surrounding architecture; a combination of Georgian town houses, and 60’s social housing around Duncan Terrace, and the World’s End Estate adjacent to Cremorne.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.10.54
Credits: Bruce Gilchrist

The works also allude to the theme of the Victorian Pleasure Garden, which once provided entertainments for its visitors, such as promenade concerts and zoos or menageries.  Creating a ‘Pleasure Garden’ for birds, the sculpture connects to Cremorne Gardens’ former history as one of London’s popular Pleasure Gardens, and a much-favoured former Tea Garden (small version of a Pleasure Garden) in Islington, under a mile away from Duncan Terrace Gardens.

The Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven was commissioned as part of Secret Garden Project, in partnership with Islington Council.

Links: http://www.upprojects.com/projects/commissions/spontaneous-city/


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